Ready To Die 2014 Tour Split w/ The Sky Above and Earth Below

by CarrionSpring

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released August 31, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: International Adult Conspiracy
Am I mistaken?
Feed on me
I feed off of you
Stronger one
With Much weaker morals
Drain me

But alas I still pay it forward

Shed you from me
Another mask
A faulty maker
Fragments of self
Define the debt I’m in
Drain me

But alas I still…

Fall deeper
Deeper to no end

Deeper to no end

How can I be something more without your guise?
It will become you
It will become you

I’m trapped behind the vines that disregard their roots
Deception clings to you
I’ve mapped out all your ways of disrepair
Still deception clings to you