Split w/ Sed Non Satiata

by CarrionSpring

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released September 25, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Frackture
The mountain is crumbling beneath
The weight of kings, their idyllic expansions
So I'm debt, and so I dig
Following the roads that bleed
Drying out, fucking rotting out

Dead limbs, hung upon the wall
Ornamental guilt
Dead limbs, thrust inside the maw
By even deader hands

Cyanide, to wash the filth away
So I lie, to wash the guilt away

Give them silver, give them gold
Rue the day of tarnish, never absolved
Track Name: Roofed
How have we come this far to only fall apart?
Held onto words that grow
Words I constructed for you
And now I choke on them
Like waking up in the fire and getting out alive
To watch it all burn down… I wish I stayed inside
Shattered looking glass, shards I'll refuse to remove
I will let them heal inside of the wound
And I'll remember you
Within the dark of your eye, where I knew myself better
Than in the light of the fire
I wish I stayed inside
I made it through this autumn alive
But I'm no good in the cold
Oh the warmth of…
Track Name: It's Like Swallowing Shit meets Life.Love.Regret.
It's all trapped under these patterns
Systematic metronome
Condescending refrains are well rehearsed
So I can feel better when you feel better
It's pointless
Even with all of the noise
Even with all of the fucking noise
We still don't break the silence
And we won't take the fall
Tell me what are a few bruises
What good's a dance with out a revolution?

Here's to the days and all the danger of dreams
When actions screamed louder than the music it brings
Track Name: Rest
Track Name: Degenerator
Still counting deaths
Bleed all your worth
Dystrophic systems
Arbitrary numbers fail you
There's no new healing
Humanity is cancer
Inhale the lies a poisoned lung exhales
So long to all revenge, we're broken mouthes
Fixated day and night